Laboratory Management System

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Laboratory Management System

Labels and Bar Codes

  • User definable sample labels with the capacity to have the labels pre-printed
  • Login-sheets with bar-codes, supporting most bar-code layouts.


Management of Samples

  • Receipt of Samples
  • Registering of samples into the  Laboratory Information Management System
  • Unique name allocations to individual samples.
  • Sample numbers, prep batch and quality control of batch numbers. Both at the Laboratory as well as online.


Integration of LIMS to External Systems

  • Accounting packages e.g. Tally.
    Please request if you want to know who we have successfully integrated with
  • Creation of certificates of completed analysis to internal customers like geologists to easily retrieve the results. These are customised as per your client’s needs.
  • Warehouse Module for control of all consumables.
  • A BI (Business Intelligence) module is also available on request.
  • Multiple Language Interfaces allows the client to receive reports in their preferred language.

Billing / Pricing & Invoicing

  • Integration of Automatic billing of completed projects for clients
  • Integration your specific ERP requirements/system.
  • Create and manage quotations for laboratory.
  • Provide different pricing for individual clients.
  • Allows management of your implemented processes.
  • Physical tests can be set up at four different levels and priced accordingly. Pricing of tests helps you generate accurate invoices to decrease financial losses and discrepancies.
  • Tracks the profitability of each client
  • Allows you to track which customers are more profitable and how frequently they make use of your service.
  • Discount allocation per job/client
  • Tracking test results per client
  • Delivery of detailed trends analyses per customer
  • Delivery of detailed sample results per customer
  • Multiple contacts per client
  • Debtor Management

Sample Scheduling

  • Entry of single or multiple samples.
  • Automatically assigns sample numbers.
  • Automatic calculations for due and hold dates, both for preparation and for analysts.
  • Sample and test copying of common samples.
  • Options to put timers on individual samples.


Laboratory work flow management

  • Grouping of samples into work lists, preparation phases, and QA/QC batches.
  • Reviewing, printing and exporting of sample statuses and allows clients to login and add comments.
  • Warnings for samples nearing hold or due dates in the form of alarms, pop-up messages etc.
  • Links between sample status and result.
  • Additional laboratories can be added or deleted.
  • These laboratories can be managed and viewed individually.
  • Advanced reporting per laboratory measures profitability and effectiveness.
  • Problem or excelling areas can be identified and managed for profitability and optimisation in real time.

Sample Tracking

  • Record the whereabouts of samples and their movement within and between the laboratories.
  • Sample backlog tracking.
  • Automatic generation of work orders and sample numbers with user definable formats.
  • Archiving samples from an active database.
  • Automatic printing of samples for disposal.
  • Entry by test, sample number, work list, or other information from Sample Master’s “Master Query”.
  • BI Tool that allows more sample information.

Approval and Review Management

  • Used for implementation of new lab methods.

Raw Data

  • Traceability of raw data as first generated by instrument or analysts i.e. raw data transferred to the  Laboratory Information Management System.

Document Management

  • Analyst training, competency records, SOP’s and material safety data sheets (MSDS).
  • Automatic limit checking of results, when within limits. Automatically authorize reject or re-test, when not.
  • Automatic control chart checking on entry of QA/QC results.
  • Direct export of results to spreadsheet or other file formats.
  • Separate entry, validation and approval of results for reporting.
  • Generation of control charts by analyst, instruments, date, range etc.
  • Automatic accuracy and precision calculations when all formulas for calibrations are added into the solution.
  • Stock Control reports with QA/QC information as part of the analytical report.
  • Inventory management of standards and reagents, certificates of analysis and automatic expiry notifications.
  • Frequency based scheduling for automatic login, including workload analysis for upcoming samples.
  • Direct importing from spreadsheet with “point & click” file selection.



Sample Storage Condition

  • Storage location tracking e.g. water samples and chain of custody for each sample.

User Management

  • Define user capabilities/access and enables restriction protocols by user roles:
  • LIMS administrator
  • Laboratory Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Lab Supervisor
  • Analyst
  • Customer etc.
  • An unlimited number of user definable custom reports.
  • Functions for internal clients to call-up and retrieve only their sample information.
  • Direct printing of reports to user’s printer and emails.

Analyst Certification

  • Keeps records of trained and certified analysts able to run the analysis as well as certifying of other analysts (competency records)

Test Result Review

  • Automatic production of test report/certificate as per clause 5.10 of ISO 17025.
  • Availability of data supporting the reliability of the information on test report (vertical auditing).
  • Audit trail reports.
  • Management reports.
  • End-user reports.
  • Statistical quality control for instrument calibration data, ensuring optimal equipment status.
  • Secure reporting and electronic signatures.
  • Electronic worksheet for producing results
    g. standards and reagents preparation, instrument calibration, review and revalidation details, sample batches, environmental and preparation summary, calculation worksheets etc.
  • Report review facility

Proficiency Testing Schemes and Inter-Laboratory scheme

  • Management of results for such schemes/studies, Only if added into the system as an additional solution.

Back up support

  • Comprehensive training for laboratory personnel with different roles required for the Laboratory Information Management System.
  • LIMS Administrator training.
  • End user training and documentation.
  • After Sales Support/Technical Support.

Onsite Support (Travel and Accommodation not included).

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