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Data recovery is the process of accessing and recovering information from digital media that’s not accessible through standard means. This is often a necessary service that occurs from user error and deletion to mechanical and physical damage on your memory device. If you’re experiencing data loss, you would like to contact a licensed data recovery company to revive your digital data. The data recovery process varies, depending on the circumstances of the data loss; the data recovery software lets you create the backup and therefore the backup target media.

Data recovery services also cannot be used to retrieve files that weren’t protected and accidentally deleted from a computer’s filing system. But your data still can be recovered if it remains on the hard disc in fragments, provided that the data has not been overwritten. When data must be recovered, it’s always only the file allocation table that’s not working properly. The particular file to be recovered should get on the disk drive in flawless condition. If the file still exists — and it’s not damaged or encrypted – it can often be recovered.

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If the file is broken, missing or encrypted, there are other ways of recovering it. Many applications, like Microsoft Office, put uniform headers at the start of files to designate that they belong thereto application. Some applications do not let you enter file headers manually, so a minimum number of files can be recovered only. In these cases, you would need to consult with a company that has years of hands-on expertise and certification so that they can recover your data without putting your safety as a risk.
Our Services:
We offer an array of Data Recovery Services :

  • Desktop Hard Drive Recovery: We locate the problem areas in your Desktop hard drive and take prompt action to resolve it.
  • Laptop Data Recovery: there can problems mainly in the file allocation table, along with our expert team we detect your problem and solve it.
  • External Hard Drive Recovery: We use state of the art techniques and methods of data recovery from your external hard drive.
  • SSD Data Recovery: Depending on the scenario we employ our best forces for data recovery services.
  • Data Recovery from USB Drives, SD Cards and Flash Media: our engineers have rich experience in this industry. This is what makes us unique and reliable. DPR has more than 5 years of experience in recovering data from all device types including Hard Disk Drive, Flash Drives, and more. Our experienced engineers have seen every device failure scenario and are adept at solving these problems. Our commitment is to staying ahead of the curve in a competitive market in addition to our numerous certifications makes us the most trusted data recovery service providers in this area. We deliver the best results on time with dedicated and expert services.
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